About Us

ToucanEd was founded in 1995 by Kathleen Middleton, MS, CHES, with a commitment to providing health communication and education materials to diverse audiences of all ages. School, community, and employee health, safety, and security remain the company's passion. As developers of emergency preparedness trainings for first responders, we have successfully worked with the federal Department of Homeland Security, and with California’s Office of Homeland Security, Office of Emergency Services, Police Officers Standards and Training, and California Department of Public Health.

We are a woman-owned small business and are on the GSA Schedule, as well as a holder of California's CMAS. We look for opportunities to serve as a government contractor or to sub contract under a larger company that needs to fulfill its contracting goals with a nimble, competent, experienced team. As specialists in staff development and training, ToucanEd serves a variety of professional organizations. Among our clients are state and county agencies and departments; tribes; international, national, and local nonprofits; universities, schools, and private educators; the business sector; and local community organizations such as fire departments and chambers of commerce.

In addition to health-related products, ToucanEd creates educational materials for reading, language arts, science, foreign language, English language learners, social sciences, and additional subjects as needed.

We begin each project by offering our professional advice about which types of educational materials will meet our client’s objectives and/or funding specifications. Experts in electronic and print formats, we produce most finished materials in-house using our own on-demand equipment, eliminating the customer’s need to maintain inventory and ensuring that materials are up-to-date as they are used.

Whether your program needs binders, books, pamphlets, posters, CDs, distance learning, audio, video, or any combination of these media; or whether you need your materials developed, written, edited, designed, printed, or all of the above, ToucanEd is the turnkey solution to your education and training needs.